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General Information

   Laparoscopic Surgery is a surgery conducted through 3-4 small incisions sized 3-5 mm. A taper laparoscope is inserted into a patient’s abdominal wall into the abdominal cavity to allow the doctor to see abdominal organs. The surgeon is able to see the organ displayed on the monitor while doing surgery, through small incisions instead of a big opened wound such as in normal operation. The laparoscope will enlarge the picture of operating area to be seen more clearly. This method can be used with Thoracoscopic surgery and Endoscopic Thyroidectomy as well. Laparoscopic surgery still continues to be developed in term of surgery’s device, equipment and method of surgery. The latest 3D Laparoscopic surgery technology of Bangkok Hatyai Hospital is more precise and safer because the surgeon can see the in-depth detail of the organ as if he performs the surgery inside the patient’s abdomen.  3D Laparoscopic surgery technology works as human eyes and it even allow the surgeon to see the organ better than normal eyes vision through the magnifying function of the camera. Therefore the surgery is conducted easier, especially tumors and   cancers operation, including gynecological surgery and urinary tract surgery, providing more alternative in surgical treatment to improve patients' quality of life more than ever.

Advantage of Laparoscopic Surgery 

 1. Less painfulness

 2. The intestines can be recovered faster allowing the patient to start taking the food earlier after surgery. 

 3. Small scar or even no seen 

 4. Less complications

 5. The operation can be done more delicately because the camera can magnify the picture 4-6 times

6. The patient can return home faster with less recovery period without worrying about the wounds, as well as can resume the normal activities faster.

Normal Surgery

1.It is more painful depending on the size of incisions, time of operation, the retraction of wound during operation, position of operation area, and stretching method.

2.Overall, there is a higher chance to have complications because the intestines recovery later and therefore, the patient has a longer period of fasting after the operation. The patient has to be hospitalized longer before being allowed to return home for normal activities. 

Our services

Gynecological Laparoscopic Surgery

• Chocolate Cyst Surgery

• Ovaries and Fallopian Tubes Tumor Surgery

• Uterine Tumor Surgery

• Hysterectomy 


Other Laparoscopic Surgery

• Gallbladder Gallstones Surgery

• Stomach and Esophagus Tumor Surgery

• Spleen Surgery

• Inguinal Hernia Surgery

• Hiatal Hernia Surgery.

• Fascia Surgery

• Colon Tumor Surgery

• Kidney or Adrenal Gland Surgery

• Appendectomy

• Thyroid Surgery

• Lung surgery

• Hemorrhoids Surgery

• Surgical treatment of GERD

• Liver Cyst or Tumor Surgery

• Pancreatic Cancer Surgery

• Stomach Reduction surgery